Monday, July 29, 2013

Alameda County Fair

After Greg's birthday celebration, we drove down to Pleasanton to the Alameda County Fair.  We have lived here for five years and have never been.  Lots of our friends go each year and have said wonderful things about it, so we decided to check it out before we moved.  It was the last Saturday that it was open and VERY packed, but Daxton had a blast checking out all the different animals.

We found some cute little goats that Daxton immediately fell in love with.  He kept reaching his little hand through to grab their tails and ears.  He also loved that he was able to walk now!
Checking out all the livestock...

He also learned some new things from some of the passing people...

Watching the sheep...

We had to watch him closely with the chickens.  He kept trying to pock his little finger through the hole of the chicken coop.

We then made our way to the "petting zoo."  I have to admit that I've been spoiled with other petting zoos.  The Oakland zoo has a great little petting zoo for little ones and the Tilden Park little farm is also a great place to visit, so I was not impressed with their petting zoo at the fair.  It was one big room with free wandering goats, deer, etc, but there was WAY too many people.  They didn't have a limit and kept letting people in.  I could tell the animals were getting very anxious and so was I.  We only let Daxton down if Dallas was blocking the other animals and people.  It was much too chaotic for us and the animals as well, I'm sure.

Daxton did like leaning over the side to look at the baby deer.  It was much more calm than the other animals (probably because it was behind a protective barrier.)

Overall it was a good experience.  Fairs aren't generally my thing, but it was fun to watch Daxton's expression while being introduced to all the different animals.  I can't turn an opportunity down to expose our little man to more learning!

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