Monday, July 29, 2013

Bryan's Family Visit: Chrissy Field Beach

After exploring Fort Point the clouds parted for an amazing afternoon at the beach.  Chrissy Field park/beach is literally right down the coastline from Fort Point, so we were able to have a fun picnic lunch before heading to the water.  I was a bit nervous about how warm or cold it would be, but we were pleasantly surprised when the fog burned off and the bright sun came out.

Our gorgeous view of the Golden Gate from our picnic area.
Heather is definitely a smart mommy and made sure that everyone ate before getting in their swim suits and near the water, otherwise no one would have wanted to eat!
On our way down to the water a nice lady who spent her day training dogs, asked the kids if they wanted to "socialize" with her pets.  It was pretty funny to see how they were all super excited yet a little nervous to hold them.  I guess us Adams kids aren't too keen on dogs!  Daxton, on the other hand, is quite the Perkins.  He LOVES dogs and will do anything to pet and snuggle with them.

Katrina taking her turn.  She loved feeding her little biscuits.
Rulon and Ellis taking their turns.
I didn't want to get Daxton out of his stroller since we were on our way to the beach, so the lady let the dog sit on his lap.  He was covered from head to toe in doggy sand but it was pretty cute to see how excited he got!

It's funny, I've been to Chrissy Field Beach several times, but I guess I haven't walked down far enough, because we were able to find the best inlet of where a little river meets the ocean.  It was much warmer than the cold ocean and also a lot calmer as well.  It was the perfect place to set up camp, because the older kids could play in the ocean waves while the little ones played in the calmer inlet.  It also gave us amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

In true form, the kids immediately ran to play in the ocean waves...

By far one of my most favorite shots of the whole week...
Love my nieces and their absolute joy.

My first worry began when little Daxton got down to play and HATED the feel of the sand.  I kept thinking to myself, "Are you kidding me!?  We are moving to Florida!  This guy better get used to the sand!"  He spent the whole time playing on his own little beach chair and on the blanket.

I loved watching all the cousins goof off together.  Lots of splashing, throwing sand, and running from waves were involved.  I love hearing their excited giggles.

I couldn't complain, Daxton had a blast on the chair and blanket, which meant I got to sit back and relax for a couple hours.  I also got to enjoy watching my nieces and nephews and spend some quality time with Heather.  I sure do love her.  I've been blessed with the worlds best sister-in-laws!
Daxton having a blast playing with his sunglasses and toys.
Quality time with auntie Heather

After the kids were done playing in the waves, they came back to the inlet to play in the sand.  They had fun making sand castles and even tried to make a "hot tub" on the side.

I couldn't get over how cool the bridge looked from the distance.

Having fun in the sand...

The biggest shocker for me...
When in the world did Max and Lincoln get so old!?

As we were packing up from our fun beach day, I couldn't help but get a few more action shots of my favorite team, New Zealand.  
I love America's Cup!
Look at how high they get off the water as they turn...amazing!

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