Monday, July 29, 2013

Bryan's Family Visit: Hanging out in Clayton

After spending two crazy days in the city, we decided to spend our last full day together out in Clayton, where my brother and his family live.  We had a great couple days of BBQs and hanging out at Erik's house.  It was super fun to see the cousins interact and play so well with each other.  Sadie and Will became the best of friends and even got "married" a couple of times.

Daxton loved the perfect grass, all the fun toys, and doting cousins to play with.

More Sadie and Will antics...

Erik and Heather have done such an amazing job on their home and especially their outside areas.  The kids had a blast playing on their playground, swings, yard and back patio.  

  After one of our BBQs we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to give Daxton his first popsicle...
We tried to warn him not to bite!
Obviously you can see it was a huge success!

We were also able to go swimming while Bryan's family was in town.  Daxton LOVES the water and would spend hours in it if he could.  He had so much fun playing with all his cousins and especially loved swimming with auntie Heather!
It was such a fun visit!  We loved being able to spend time with Heather and the kids.  We wished it could have been longer and that Bryan could have skipped his meetings to join in on the fun :) but we will take whatever time with them that we can!  
I am constantly overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for my family.  It is always so much fun to spend time with them.
Thanks for the fun visit, Bryan and Heather!
We sure do love you guys!

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