Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Near Future...

Dallas and I flew out to Fort Lauderdale in the middle of June to finish the paperwork on our new home.  It was quite the whirlwind few days as we did the home owners inspection, finished paperwork, toured Plantation (where we will be living), and attended church in our new ward.  I have to admit that the whole experience was pretty overwhelming.  Since we made the decision to move at the end of April, a lot of time has passed for doubt and fear to take hold.  It also didn't feel real until we flew out there to finalize things.  The realization of how far we were moving away from family and friends sank in, followed by a bit of a panic attack.  

Can I just say how incredibly amazing my husband is though?  He knows me so well and knows exactly how to calm my nerves.  I also want to add that we have the most amazing family.  It is such a blessing that we are moving within a few minutes of our Aunt DeeDee, Uncle Jim, and three cousins.  They have been amazing throughout this process so far and have opened their home to us.  We spent most of the time with them as they showed us around their city of Plantation.  DeeDee had so many great ideas and groups for Daxton and I to join.  It was so comforting hearing how much they both love their town and the incredible opportunities it offers their children.  Unfortunately with how the ward boundaries are divided, we will be attending the Fort Lauderdale ward instead of the Plantation ward.  It would have been nice to have the familiarity of family.  But we also hear wonderful things about our new ward and were able to attend one of the meetings while we were out there in June.  The people seemed very kind and the bishop was especially loving and excited to meet us.  It will be a big change for us, but we are both excited to serve and grow within the church where ever the Lord needs us most.

As we left the building, I couldn't help but snap a few quick pictures of the diverse vegetation that we will be surrounded by soon.  Huge oak and palm trees soared in the sky with gorgeous dangling spanish moss covering several of the branches.  It is absolutely beautiful and so different from anything back home, in both California and Washington.

Front of our church building

Looking towards the back of the building and the interesting parking spaces in between trees. 
I love all the spanish moss!

DeeDee and Jim have a beautiful home, including a gorgeous pool.  I can't wait for Daxton to enjoy it!  We had a blast swimming with family and relaxing over the weekend.  Again...I am SO glad we will be living so close to them.  They are such a blessing!

After we finalized things with the house and spent the weekend with our family, we decided to spend the last couple days in Fort Lauderdale (15 minutes east of Plantation) to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  On our drive into the city we decided to drive by our future home one more time.  Out of respect for the current tenants I didn't snap any pictures of the front or inside, but I wanted to get a few pictures of our neighborhood we will be moving into.  The below picture is the back of our home.  I was a little nervous about the pond behind our home, but there is a good fence and then line of bushes keeping unwanted wildlife from our backyard.  Everyone reassures me that a gator getting in there would be extremely difficult since he would have to cross over two different cities and traffic to do so, but I've seen enough episodes of Gator Boys to be very careful around bodies of water!
There are so many beautiful walking paths around our neighborhood and everything looks gorgeously maintained.

Our community pool is a block away with a large playground behind it.  Daxton and I will be in heaven!  I can see us spending a lot of time here.

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