Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slipn' n Slidin'

After Dallas and I got back from our quick trip to Florida we were not only missing our little guy, but our nieces and nephews as well.  We offered to watch them all while Heather ran errands for the afternoon.  The reality of moving away from them is setting in and both Dallas and I have struggled most with leaving them.  We have loved living so close to them these past few years and look at those children as our "own."  We sure do love them!

Fun to see Daxton and Olive scurrying around the house.

It was such a hot day, so the kids wanted to do a slip n slide out back.  Their little kiddy pool had recently gotten a hole in it, but we were able to blow it up and fill it a couple inches, which was the perfect depth for Daxton to play around and splash with his toys.  It was a pretty soggy diaper by the end of the afternoon!

Little Olive was not a big fan of the water and Will had more fun playing in the kiddy pool and with the hose, so Rulon and Ellis had a blast sharing the slip n slide.  Here are some fun action shots from our wet afternoon...

We always have so much fun with these little ones!
Thanks for the fun afternoon!

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