Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellis and Olive's Birthday

Our nieces, Ellis and Olive, have birthdays within the first week of July, so we decided it would be fun to do a combined birthday party for both of them on July 4th.  I love that we live so close to be able to celebrate special occasions in their lives!

The birthday girls

Heather made a fun birthday cake for the girls and Ellis got to help decorate it.  As you can tell, she found the process very interesting.  Heather even gave her the chance after to practice her writing with frosting.

Daxton cared less about the writing and more about the taste!  He was a big fan of the homemade frosting!

Quite the happy little man after consuming so much sugar...
We were actually able to get a family picture!
It's very rare since I'm usually the one taking pictures.  Daxton even smiled for the occasion.  Pretty funny to see how blonde he's gotten over the past few weeks!
After our family picture, we tried to get a picture with him and little Olive since they both looked so cute in their 4th of July outfits...needless to say Daxton did not want to sit for the picture!

For one of Ellis' birthday surprises, they had filled a big piñata full of candy.  They each took turns hitting it until Will finally busted it open spilling the candy everywhere.

Lincoln was a great sport and was content beating up the aftermath since he didn't get to hit the piñata while hanging.

Daxton and Olive wanted to play with the smashed pinata as well, but Daxton had a bit of a brake down when he was forced to share...obviously he was missing his afternoon nap during the festivities.  He's quite the diva without sleep!  I love Olive's facial expressions as she's wondering what to do about Daxton's melt down.

Since Ellis turned 7 and Olive turned 1 it was an interesting array of candles.  The girls didn't seem to mind and Ellis took over the responsibility of blowing out the candles.

The birthday girls in front of their cake.
Blowing out the candles...

Olive's first piece of birthday cake...
Double fisting the chocolate like a champ!
The next day, Dallas, Daxton, and I took Ellis out for her own special lunch and then shopping.  She chose Red Robin and then a stop at the Disney story and then Toys R Us.  We had a blast with one on one Ellis time.  She even helped us pick out a little birthday present for Olive as well.  Such a sweetheart!
Happy Birthday Ellis and Olive!
Love you both so much!

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