Monday, July 8, 2013

Janelle's Visit: Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point

My friend Janelle is a saint.
If you've read my blog at all, I'm sure you've come across posts on Janelle's visits to the bay area.  I met Janelle back in Utah while I was teaching fourth grade at Sunset View Elementary.  We've been friends for almost 10 year now and I can truly say that I've never met anyone more selfless and kind than her.  She's truly salt of the earth!
So I shouldn't have been surprised that she was willing to help us out in June.  With the move to Florida coming up quickly, Dallas and I needed to spend a week in Fort Lauderdale looking for a home.  My parents were only able to come the latter part of our trip, so Janelle willingly watched our little man for a couple days on her own, while we flew out to Florida.  Janelle was able to fly out a few days before Dallas and I's trip, so we were able to do some fun things in San Francisco one last time together.

Our first day we enjoyed a relaxing morning and then drove into Golden Gate Bridge.  Janelle wanted to walk along the bridge, so Daxton and I wandered around the park grounds and took some fun pictures while waiting.  It was an absolutely perfect day in the city!
Daxton's too cool for school in his Lightening McQueen sunglasses.  It's so weird to think that he won't remember anything about our time living in the Bay Area.  I absolutely have loved living here.  This is where we fought to bring him into our family, where he was born, and spent the first year of his life.  We will definitely be back to show him his "roots."

I adore my happy little guy!

After thoroughly exploring Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding parks, we decided to head down to Fort Point underneath the bridge.  Fort Point will always be bittersweet for us.  So many great memories were made with our dear friend, Jason, here.  I can't believe it's been almost a year from his passing.  He has been greatly missed and thought of.  Actually most of San Francisco holds "Jason memories".  But the beauty of Fort Point and the amazing images Jason was able to capture during our visits there, make it a little more difficult than other places to visit again.

Outside Fort Point

I love how it's cradled up against the rock and directly under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking back at the city from Fort Point.
You can see the city skyline and the Palace of Fine Arts.

(You can also see the New Zealand America's Cup sailboat as well.  So incredibly sad that we will be leaving right before the America's cup races.  But at least I got to see it all back in 2003 when it was in Auckland, New Zealand.)

Goofing off with my crazy little man.
He would not sit still for a picture to save his life!

Having a "Jason moment."

I love Janelle, but I love even more how much Daxton loves Janelle.  What a sweet little friendship with Auntie Nellie.

Heading into Fort Point.

Daxton about lost it when I got him out of the stroller to let him explore.  He loved crawling around each of the cannons and finding all sorts of little rocks.  Fort Point is a little boys dream! 

We may or may not have tried to place him inside one of the cannons, to which Daxton was not ok with...

Needless to say we all had a great first day of adventures and this little boy was in heaven!

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