Monday, July 8, 2013

Janelle's Visit: Ride the Ducks

Every time Janelle and Jason would come to visit, I would take them to do something new that they hadn't experienced in San Francisco yet.  I must admit, this visit with Janelle, I had to really think for something we hadn't done yet.  Over the past five years we've had the opportunity to dissect this city apart and have loved all the fun adventures we've had.  So for our second day of adventures, we decided to do a duck boat tour since Janelle had never experienced one in San Francisco.  Our tour guide was hilarious, the music played was super fun, and Daxton was great.  Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Getting ready to load the duck boat.

Yes, it really did go on both land and in sea!
Daxton's favorite part...sucking on the duck bill laniards.
Daxton loved the music and kept bouncing his legs to the beat.  He also loved the wind on his face and not being in a carseat (although I did have him strapped to me in a baby carrier.)

To top things off, Daxton got to "drive" the boat.  Or should I say play on the seat while it was on autopilot.  We had a great time on the duck boat!

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