Monday, July 8, 2013

Virginia Hills Family

I love my family.
I have realized more and more over the years that the term "family" can easily be stretched over not just blood relatives.  While attending college I often felt like my roommates and close friends were my family, especially since it was my first time being away from home.  Since marrying Dallas, I've loved experiencing life with him and setting new traditions.  We have loved building our little family and feel so incredibly blessed with the opportunity to have Daxton join us.
The last five years we have lived in a simple apartment complex that from the outside eye could seem rather drab.  But I can honestly say that I have met some of the most amazing people and dear friends here that I eagerly call family.  With the transient neighborhood, several families have moved to buy homes, finish schooling, or accept job offers, but no matter where life will take us all...I will always love my "Virginia Hills" family.  How blessed we have all been to get to know each other.

At the beginning of June, our Virginia Hills family celebrated a couple birthdays, Michelle and little Avery (thus the two different cakes and Dora cupcakes.)  We all had a blast hanging out together and eating yummy treats.
The birthday girls

Drew helped his mom cut the cake, while Daxton eagerly waited to eat the yummy frosting.

(Top left)Rachel and I.  (Top Right) Preston, Kayla, and Stephanie.  (Bottom left) Jenny and Tori.  (Bottom right) Lanelle, Val, and Jessica

(Left) Alana, Ava, and Sienna
(Right) The little birthday girl, Avery

(Top Left) Ben and Tim.  (Top Right) Jane and her perfectly round cheeks.  (Bottom left) Ava, Kayla, and Tori.  (Bottom right) Matt, Annie, and Jane.

Kostya loved his cupcake!
I loved how he somehow got frosting on his forehead!

Stephanie and Michelle snuggling with their little ones, Grant and Hadley.

I still can't believe how much Daxton's haircut has changed him.  He has all of a sudden grown into a little boy and not my baby anymore.  I'm not sure where in the world the last year has gone, but I feel so blessed to be this little man's mommy.  
He's growing up too fast!

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