Monday, July 29, 2013

Greg's Birthday BBQ

That weekend we were able to celebrate my cousin, Greg's, 33rd birthday as well.  We always love spending time with Greg and his gorgeous wife, Heidi, but we were most excited to meet sweet little Thomas Jay!

The happy new family
Thomas was only a couple weeks old!

Snuggling with Thomas was pure heaven and definitely made us both a little baby hungry!  Wow, I miss those days where Daxton would let me snuggle with him day in and day out!

Greg and Heidi are going to be amazing parents!  It is already apparent how much they love their precious little boy.  Thomas is super lucky to have such devoted loving parents!

After the birthday BBQ, we had some fun with a ton of water balloons.  Daxton tried carrying one around for awhile until it became casualty to the grass...
Some interesting games were created, including the classic "egg" toss using water balloons where the losers lined up in a row and the winners got to pelt them with water balloons...

And then the ending game, one lone person stood in the center of a circle where everyone got to throw a ton of water balloons at them...
It was a super fun birthday celebration!
The food was great and the company was even better.
Happy Birthday, Greg!
We love you so much and are so happy for you and your little family!

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