Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adventures with Oscar

The day before we left on our trip to San Diego, we met up with Oscar in the city for an afternoon of fun.  I've mentioned Oscar in previous posts.  He is a good family friend from back home and has been attending Stanford University the past couple years.  We've loved the chance to get together with him whenever our schedules will allow.  It has been so much fun to watch him change and grow while living in the Bay area and the first time being away from home.  We are most importantly proud and excited for him as he's chosen to serve a two year mission for our church and has been called to serve in the Mexico City mission starting at the end of August.  He and his little brother Isaac will both be serving missions over the next couple years (Isaac should be getting his call soon.)  Talk about some serious blessings going to their family!  

We wanted to make sure that we got to see him and hang out before he headed home for the rest of the summer.  We met up with him in San Francisco to take him out to lunch, which he chose the Hard Rock Cafe at Pier 39.  After eating a yummy lunch, we decided to explore the Pier a bit.  Daxton got so excited when he saw the carousel and knowing how sick those things made me, Dallas "jumped" at the opportunity to go in my place.  Oscar, being the sweetheart that he is, joined in the "guy time" festivities.

Daxton sure loves carousels!

After the carousel ride, we wondered down to the waterfront where we looked out at Alcatraz and watched all the sailboats prepping for America's Cup.  We love the city and are going to miss it terribly.

Before leaving, we swung by the sea lions to watch them fight and push each other off into the ocean.  Daxton found them very interesting, especially their loud barking sounds.

Thanks again for meeting up with us Oscar.
It was so good to see you.
We are so proud of you and the decision you've made to go on a mission.  What an exciting two years you're going to have!
We love you and wish you the very best!

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