Friday, May 3, 2013

Easter Weekends

This year we celebrated Easter for a couple weekends.  Since it was Daxton's birthday weekend, the actual Easter Sunday was quiet and calm as we reflected the life of our Savior.  
Easter morning Daxton opened his basket.  Thanks to a VERY generous Grandma Adams, he was quite spoiled!  He loved his new bunny ears and even let me take several pictures of him wearing them, before refusing to look at the camera.
He loved the basket most out of all his new Easter goodies.

The following weekend we spent over at my brother's house.  We have a tradition of watching General Conference together and eating yummy food throughout the day.  We always have so much fun with them and Heather is seriously the best cook!
They gave Daxton a birthday present while we were over there; a very large brown bear.  He loves it so much!  Everyday he snuggles with it and watches his favorite show, Cars.  They couldn't have gotten a better gift for our little guy!
Love at first snuggle!
Opening presents

 I love my little sweetheart so much.
His smile and bright eyes melt my heart daily.
Daddy also loves Daxton very much.
They have the most unique and special bond.  I love watching them interact and only get jealous a little bit :)
Daxton loves playing outside in their back yard.  They have so much space with lush grass, a fun playground, swings, and trampoline.
He's a bit small still, but Daxton loved the plasma car.

Sweet little Olive is so smiley all the time!

I love watching Will and Daxton interact.  Daxton loves Will so much and is always laughing at his funny facial expressions.  Will was making both Daxton and Olive giggle by drumming on the outside table.  Watching cousins interact is the best! 

Rulon is such a great big brother.

I LOVE Daxton's facial expressions below.
It is no surprise that he loves his uncle Erik very much! 

In between conference sessions, we decided to do a big Easter egg hunt.  In true Adams 'organized' fashion, each of the kids had 24 eggs with their initials on them.  Some were filled with candy, jokes, and for the babies, Cheerios.  Can you see the hidden eggs in the pictures below?
All the kiddos (except a sleeping Olive) ready for their Easter egg hunt.  You can see Daxton was very excited!

We made the kids wait until the mommies were outside to take pictures.  Rulon was a hard one to keep inside.

The Easter Egg hunt was a success.
The kids had a blast, although I think I hid Rulon's eggs a bit too difficult towards the end.  He forgave me though!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the hunt...

We always have so much fun with Erik and Heather's family.  We love them so very much and have loved living so close to them these last five years.
This is usually what the afternoons look like after a fun-filled day with the cousins... 

Instagram pictures...
Dax playing with Olive's toe
Showing off his curls
Relaxing baby style
Loving his Easter goodies

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