Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family Zoo Day

For Will's birthday in April we all went to the Oakland zoo.
Will had been wanting to pet a goat for sometime so my brother and sister in law thought the zoo would be the best place to do it since they have a great Children's area.  We met up at the zoo on a hot, very crowded Saturday.
Since it was so crowded we decided to head to the Children's section and do the petting zoo first.  Along the way we looked at some of the enclosures, including a sunbear, and several different primates.
Before entering the petting zoo we found a big area for us to have our picnic lunch.  I got lots of time to snuggle with little Olive while Dallas was playing with Daxton on the grass.  I especially loved her little zebra shirt!

Dallas had fun wrestling with all the kiddos while we were finishing up our food.  He's such a fun uncle!

Family pictures 
Daxton was a sweetheart and didn't take off his sunhat the entire day.

After our picnic lunch we entered the Children's zoo.  Obviously Daxton was super excited in the picture below!

Playing on the animals statues...

Daxton loved watching the giant pig.  It made Daxton look even smaller than he is!

 All the kids were super excited to pet the animals in the petting zoo.  We were able to watch all the baby goats play and wrestle with each other.

Cousins, Daxton and Olive, having a tender moment while watching the goats.  I love these two!
Outside you can pet different goats and sheep while they graze on grass and play.  Daxton was very interested and wanted to touch all of them.
Ellis got a brush to use on the fur.  She was a little nervous around them, but very curious.

Having fun with all the different animals.

Will had a blast petting all the goats.  He would have stayed there all day if he could.  There are so many reasons why I love little Will; one being that he always makes me laugh!
Lincoln smiling at a crocodile...

After the petting zoo, we decided to head to the rides outside of the the entrance to the Oakland Zoo.  The kids were super excited to go on the tiger roller coaster and the carousel.

Daxton loved riding on the carousel!
Mommy, however, got super sick...
What a happy boy!
We all had such a fun day at the zoo for Will's birthday weekend.

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