Monday, May 6, 2013

Emerald Glenn Park

At the beginning of April, Daxton and I met up with our buddies Lisa and Maddie for a fun day at the park.  Lisa was my roommate while living in New Zealand and I have loved her living in the bay area.  I get so excited when our schedules work out so that our little ones can hang out together.
Lisa lives down in the Dublin/Pleasanton area and found this incredible park.  It had basically everything and during the summers it even becomes a water park with different structures that spray mists and fountains for children to run through.  We met up for a lunch picnic and the weather turned out perfectly!
Maddie and Daxton playing on the swings.
(Daxton gets such a serious face when he watches people and there were so many different people to watch at the park.)

After swings we found a shady spot for our picnic.  It was pretty funny to watch Daxton get so distracted by everything going on around him that he hardly ate.
After our picnic, we all went and played in the massive "sandbox" and then on the play structures.  Lisa was quite the hit with all the other moms and kids.  She brought her bubble machine that pumped out a hundred bubbles within minutes.  The kids all went crazy!
Although it was a short visit, we loved getting to hang out with them.  Any time with Lisa and Maddie is a blast!

When we got home Daxton wasn't quite ready to go inside so we spent the afternoon playing outside, swinging, and talking with neighbors.  I love that he loves being outside!  And I also love that he wears my sunglasses willingly!

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