Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lincoln's soccer game

I mentioned in my last post home much we have loved living within minutes of my brother's family.  I realize that this blog has dedicated more than it's fare share of posts to my nephews and nieces over the past few years of living here.  In fact my sister-in-law has joked several times that if you want to know what her kids are up to, just read their Aunt's blog.  I'm going to miss that.  But since I'm not allowed to get all sad about leaving until the Dday comes, I will simply continue to post about my 'other' children.

Our nephew, Lincoln, has become quite the soccer player.
And when the weather clears up, you know it will bring on the soccer season.  We have loved being able to attend some of his soccer games throughout the course of the past few years.  Although Dallas tends to go more frequently than I.  I find myself getting super stressed on the sidelines and yelling at the other team needlessly.  But now that I have a distraction with Daxton, I can go and enjoy the soccer game just enough to not get totally crazy, which is what Lincoln prefers I'm sure.

In May we went to a couple games that were on the weekends.  One of the games happened to be in Alameda, which is super close to our cousins, Greg and Heidi, whom were also able to attend.  It was so much fun to see everyone cheering on Links from the sideline.

All the kids lined up in their chairs or strollers.

Daxton loved the extra snuggles from daddy and Auntie Heidi.  He especially loved the perfect sitting spot on top of Heidi's cute baby belly.  She is due any day now and we can't wait to meet their little guy.  Daxton already knows he's going to have another best buddy!

After the game, we all went out for celebratory pizza.
It was so much fun watching all the cousins interact.

My sweet silly Will...
I can't even begin to tackle the thought of moving so far away from this crazy perfect face...

Daxton showing off his silly side...
He sure does love wearing sunglasses!
We loved hanging out with everyone and watching Lincoln.  We have loved watching him grow and develop his talents over the years.  We are pretty proud of him!
Thanks for inviting us to your game, Links!

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  1. Hi,
    I found your blog through a "cake" search and saw "Lincoln's Soccer Game". Lincoln is a super rare name with alot of power behind it. So when I saw it, I was taken aback because that is what I named my son :) And he played soccer for a little while but prefers Hockey now.

    I have to say though, I've only heard that name 2 other times, one was from a movie where the main character is named Lincoln and the other was a game show contestant who was named Lincoln. Other than that...I've never heard that name other than in the latest movies about President Lincoln.

    I get a kick out of things like that and just wanted to say that :)


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