Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tin Foil Dinners

Although my preference while camping is a comfy bed at the Marriott (thanks for that Daddy) there are many aspects of camping that I enjoy.  One being the roasting of marshmallows and cooking tin foil dinners.  Our neighbors invited us to join them at Brionnes Park, just north of our apartments, for a Friday night adventure.  We had a blast hanging out with everyone and enjoying good food and great company.
Devon took on the reigns as master chef, following the traditions of "Mama Dimond."  While Dallas and I took turns rangling in our crazy, hyper baby.
It will be nice when he can walk on his own and we don't have to worry about him trying to crawl and eat all the dirt and sticks in his path.  We put him in Jane's bouncer for a second, which he thought was super funny.

Love this family!
Annie, Matt and little Jane
Daxton and I have loved hanging out with Annie and Jane.  It is easy to see where Jane gets her smiley and easy personality!

We also love the Davie Family!
Tasha has been Daxton's amazing babysitter for the past few months and helped a ton when I flew home for two different family funerals.  Daxton adores her and we are so excited to meet their new little girl come July.

Liz and Devon
In many ways I feel like I've known Liz forever.
She's been such a blessing in my life the past year and I love her dearly.  What an amazing couple and dear friends!

Devon showing us the proper way to cook tin foil dinners...

The end result...

And of course everyone was patient with me and my need to excessively document everything that happens in our lives...

The girls
Annie, Jane, Tasha, me, and Liz
(plus baby girl Davie!)

The boys
Matt, Tom, Dallas, Daxton, and Devon

And of course we couldn't have a complete evening without the further documenting of Daxton and Jane's relationship...
I'm sure they're going to love all these pictures together as babies at their wedding reception in 25 years!
I'm thinking Daxton might be a bit more interested in Jane than she is with him.  Her fingers were quite interesting!
Smiling cuties

We love our friends and feel so blessed!
What an amazing group of people we are surrounded by.
Thanks for the fun evening, everyone!

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