Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday: BYU Graduation

I've been trying to catch up with everything and haven't posted a "Flashback Friday" in weeks.  Last weekend we spent a whirlwind weekend traveling to Utah for my little brother's BYU graduation and even more exciting, his wedding.  I absolutely LOVE my new sister-in-law and am so happy for them and this next step in their lives.  Being back in the Utah Valley brought on a bit of nostalgia for me.  It was such a quick weekend with family that I didn't get to reconnect with many of my friends still living in the area, but it was fun to go down a bit of "memory lane" while I saw old places I used to visit.  I figured my own BYU graduation would be the perfect flashback this week...
It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my career.  I went to BYU wanting to be a music major but after a few months realized that I wanted to do a music minor instead.  I spent a couple years taking all sorts of classes trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  After living in Uganda, Africa for several months studying Educational Development, I found my calling as a teacher.  When I returned to BYU I applied to the Elementary Education department, did another study abroad (this time to New Zealand), and also added a TESOL (teaching English as a second language) minor.  It was an incredible journey at BYU.  I made the most amazing friends and had some of the most incredible experiences.  I was beyond blessed with generous and supportive parents who helped me throughout my college experience and encouraged me to take every opportunity given.  I will never be able to thank them enough for that support.

Graduation day with my cousin Greg.
We had a rough freshman year together struggling to process hometown tragedies.  It was such an incredible experience to think of how we started and to see how much we changed for the better by the time we graduated.  I sure do love him!

Just a few of my Devonshire friends whom all graduated with me as well.  We were a family and I miss them constantly.
(Top left) Don and Kyle (Top right) Jaime, Michelle, Kim, and I (Bottom left) Carol Joy and Michelle (Bottom right) Eric Foy  

I also graduated with several of my friends from when I lived in Liberty Square apartments.  It was so fun to run into them again!
(Top left) Amy (Top right) Ally (Bottom left) Britt (Bottom middle) Julie (Bottom right) Lora

Since I spent most of my time in the Elementary Education department, I became very close to several girls who were also in the major with me.  The girls I became closest too, though, were those that all traveled to New Zealand on the study abroad.  I made some of my best friends and loved my experiences there.  It was so awesome to all graduate together.

My amazing roommate while in NZ, Amy.
I love her to death and miss her like crazy.  I had so much fun with her!  She knew exactly how to brighten my day and allowed me to be totally myself...which can be pretty insane at times.

New Zealand girls!
 (Top left) Amber, Stephanie, Ashley, myself, and Katy (Top right) myself, Katy, Ashley, Heather, Amber, and Stephanie (Bottom left) Heather, myself, Becca, Katy, and Ashley (Bottom right) Ashley and I.

Most of the amazing New Zealand girls (some graduated a semester in front and behind our group.)  (Top right) Our amazingly patient and loving leaders, the Eldridge's.

All of the life changing memories and experiences I had at BYU would not have been possible without my incredible parents.  They taught me that "Education is the great equalizer."  They taught me the absolute importance of completing higher education and going after my dreams.  They continually encouraged me to try new things and take on life with arms wide open.  
They are still doing that to this day.

Thanks so much again.
I love you both so very much!

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  1. So fun to see this flashback! What a fun day and great journey we had together :). I need to get to one of these NZ reunions sometime!!!


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