Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daxton's Birthday Celebrations

Daxton's birthday was at the end of March, right in the middle of Dallas' busy season at work.  We wanted to make sure that we could celebrate with daddy, so Daxton's birthday celebrations stretched out for the entire week.  For his main birthday present we ordered him his own swing.  He is absolutely in love with it and wants to be pushed outside all the time.  The weather's been perfect for being outside as well, so he loved his new birthday present.

He especially loves to sit and watch the leaves blowing in the wind.
On Daxton's actual birthday, daddy came home from work a bit early so we could make thank you notes to family members who had sent birthday presents.  I got water based, washable, childproof paint to make a bunch of feet and hand prints.  It was quite the adventure trying to get our stubborn one-year old to cooperate.  I even got kicked in the face a couple times trying to get his foot in position.  Daxton had a blast, though, and loved playing with all the colorful paint.

The hand prints were much more difficult than the foot prints!  We had green paint all over his body and worked hard at not letting him put any in his mouth.
He did manage to get a couple green toes up to his mouth before we could intervene.
Instagram pics from our adventurous activity...

Finished product!
After we wiped all the paint off, we celebrated with a birthday cupcake.  We had never given him chocolate or refined sugar before, so it was quite a shock to him.
He was very interested in the colorful candle more than the actual cupcake.
It was pretty funny to watch him touch and taste frosting for the first time.  He was pretty timid with the whole process and we had to help him along a couple times.  He was more interested in playing with the frosting than eating it, but it was pretty cute, none-the-less.

I may or may not have wiped a bit of the frosting on him for better pictures...
Almost done...
A little bit of a sugar coma!
One happy guy...

The next night we opened presents.
First present was from Auntie Nelli.  He absolutely LOVED his new little Mickey Mouse!
He also opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa Perkins, and GG (Great Grandma Dittburner).  He loved his new puppy and books.
He got the cutest little outfit from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Doris.
He also got the cutest swim outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Adams.  He is definitely ready for the summer!
I'd say he made out pretty well for his first birthday!

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