Monday, May 13, 2013

Stuart and Angelica's Wedding

Stuart is number 5 in our family of six kids.  We always knew that whoever married Stuart was going to be one lucky girl.  Stuart is such an amazing guy.  He is remarkably sensitive, talented, funny, and has the most amazing work ethic.  It was such a wonderful day celebrating with him and Angelica.  We haven't been able to spend too much time with Angelica yet, but I can honestly say that I adore her!  It's been so much fun getting to know her over the past few months.  She's incredible and Stuart is just as lucky to have her!  They were married in the Mount Timpanogas temple in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  All six of us siblings were able to attend and be in the sealing room together with our parents.  It was a tender moment to look around the room and see all of us, plus our spouses, aunts, uncles, and friends.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this eternal family.  The sealing was perfect and we couldn't have been happier for Stuart and Angelica!

After the temple sealing we all hung out at the temple waiting for the happy couple to exit and pose for a hundred pictures.  My youngest brother, Bradley had some fun making funny faces with little Ellis. 

Gorgeous Heather and cute little Olive

(Top left) Uncle Jay and Aunt Marie (Top right) Trina and Heather (Bottom left) Uncle Ken and Aunt Darlene (Bottom right) Dallas and I

(Left) mom and I (Top right) Nora, Leisha, Mom, Ellis, Emma, Me, and Aunt Marie (Bottom right) Leisha, Emma, Nora, and Richard

The Happy Couple!!

(Left) Rulon, Max, and Lincoln (Right) Bryan and Sadie

Family bonding while waiting for pictures consisted of trying to get Daxton dressed and keeping him happy.
Daxton loved all the extra snuggles!
(Left) Snuggling with Uncle Bradley (Right) snuggling with Aunt Darlene

All of the siblings together!
(Left to right) Bryan, Richard, Me, Stuart, Bradley, and Erik
(Ages oldest to youngest: Bryan, Erik, Me, Richard, Stuart, and Bradley)

All the siblings, plus spouses, and mom and dad.

After the wedding, there was a gorgeous luncheon for family and friends.

(Top left) Aunt Alice, Max, and Bryan (Top right) Uncle Richard, Daxton, and Emma (Bottom left) Uncle Richard, Daxton, and Emma (Bottom right) little Nora

Daxton LOVES his Uncle Richard.  He had so much fun with him during the luncheon playing with spoons.

The Happy Couple enjoying the luncheon.

Nora giving her mommy, Leisha, big snuggles and kisses.

Family Pictures
(Left) Erik, Heather, Lincoln, Rulon, Ellis, Will and Olive (Top right) Richard, Leisha, Emma, and Nora (Bottom right) Bryan, Heather, Max, Natalie, Katrina, and Sadie

Uncle Stuart with his nieces and nephews

Grandpa and Grandma with all the grandkids here on earth.
  Beautiful Mara and sweet little Liam are our angels in heaven. 

After the luncheon there was a fun reception open to all friends and family.  We had a ton of fun dancing and goofing off together. I took mostly video during the reception.  Even mom got out there on the dance floor!

Mom dancing with Stuart and Daddy

Cutting the cake

Cousins goofing off on the dance floor!
Nice robot Dance, Lincoln!
As Stuart and Angelica left the reception center, everyone lined and blew bubbles. 
It was such a perfect day and a wonderful celebration!
We couldn't be happier for Stuart and Angelica.
They are so perfect for each other and we feel so honored to have been there to help celebrate the big day.
We love you both so much and can't wait for all the fun family adventures ahead!

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