Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daxton's Lunchdate

It has been so much fun taking Daxton on little play dates.  I fully realize that he is vaguely aware of whom he is actually interacting with, but I figure as much social interaction as possible is a good thing.  It also gives mommy a chance to actually talk with my friends and get out of the house for a bit, which is ALWAYS welcomed in my book!
In the middle of May, my good friend, Annie, and I decided to take our little ones into San Francisco to meet up with our husbands for lunch.  (We may have ulterior motives by wanting to hitch these two in about 25 years!)  Both of our husbands are accountants that work in the financial district in the city, so we thought it would be fun to ride BART in to meet up with them for lunch.  
Both Daxton and Jane were the hit of the train!  Everyone wanted to talk with the gorgeous little couple.  You can tell that they were both super social back...
As much as I love San Francisco, I will NOT miss the elevators at BART stations.  Annie and I were pretty sure the entire inside compartment was drenched in urine and we desperately tried to not touch anything.
Couldn't help but think back to the classic "What about Bob"...
"Baby steps to the elevator!"

It's so much fun to see Daxton's reaction when he sees daddy.  They have such a sweet connection.  I also love all the different facial expressions he makes, especially when he sees strange San Fran characters walk by...
Since it was a Thursday, we all decided to walk down to the farmer's market at the Ferry building.  The food was super yummy and truly authentic, even food snob, Dallas was delighted.
After lunch we chatted, let the kids interact, and then visited daddy's office.  

Here is Jane and Daxton's play time...
Gotta love baby interaction!

We sure do love the Toblers and had such a fun afternoon with them!  Hope we can get together again soon!

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