Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perkins Family Bonding

The last half of our trip to Utah was spent with the Perkins side of the family.  I can honestly say that I have been so blessed to have married into such a great family.  When we told Dallas' parents that we'd be in Utah for a couple days, they immediately offered to drive down from Casper to see us.  It was so kind of them to drive all that way for such a short trip.  Daxton LOVED his Perkins' family time, especially all the extra snuggles.  Ashleigh and Robbie were sweethearts to host everyone in their home for a couple days as well!
We spent most of the couple days hanging out together as a family and watching the next generation interact.  It was pretty funny to see Brynn and Daxton "share" toys, parents, and grandparents.  They are both pretty expressive and let the other know exactly how they felt.  I love the sequence of pictures below...

Dax instantly fell in love with his Auntie Ashleigh.
He loved the extra snuggle time!

Sharing grandpa...and the iPad

It always melts my heart to see Daxton playing with his Grandpa.  Dallas and his dad have such a special bond.  I love how Dallas lights up when he talks to his daddy and I know he loves nothing more than watching his son play with his grandpa.  I only wish we lived closer so that it happened more often.

Hanging out and showing off his "standing" skills.

Snuggling with Auntie Ashleigh and Uncle Robbie

Daxton especially loves his "GG."
Marline has been through so much over the past year and it meant the world to us that she would take the time to drive down and spend a couple days with us.  We love her so very much!
We loved our time with family.
I wish it could happen more frequently, but we will take what we can get.  Thanks so much again for driving down to see us!  Thanks also, Ashleigh and Robbie, for letting us stay with you guys.  We love you all so very much!

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