Thursday, May 2, 2013

Neighborhood Birthday Celebrations

Daxton's birthday fell on Easter weekend this year.
He will always be our little Easter present since last year we were able to bring him home from the NICU on Easter Sunday.  We wanted to celebrate with our neighbors and friends on the block so we decided to combine the neighborhood Easter egg hunt with Daxton's birthday.  It actually turned out perfectly.  All the parents hid eggs out behind our apartments in the morning with the block Easter egg hunt starting at 10:30am.  Daxton was too small to participate with everyone, but had a blast watching all the kids running around trying to find their eggs.

Michelle and little Hadley
Hadley is such a gorgeous girl so full of smiles and snuggles!

Ava, Jack, and Brooks showing off all their goodies.
We managed to get all the kids lined up with their Easter baskets after the hunt was finished.  Such cuties!  Daxton didn't really know what was going on and was more interested in the dirt beneath him instead of smiling for the camera.  Gotta love his curious mind!
After the Easter egg hunt finished, we all walked a couple houses down to celebrate Daxton's birthday.  We all ate yummy Costco chocolate Mousse cake and ice cream while watching our little guy demolish his piece.  We loved having everyone there to celebrate.  We are so blessed with incredible friends and can't be more grateful for the support they've all given us over the years we've lived here.

Tobler Family and Dimond Family
Moore Family, Bitter Family, and DeMary Family

Shelley Family and Godfrey Family
Bryson, Greg, Nate, and Hadley enjoying the festivities.

The yummy chocolate Mousse cake before blowing out the candle...
When we gave him his piece of the cake, he was much braver than with his cupcake.  He ate a good portion of it but most of it fell on the ground and was rubbed into his clothes (and hair) by the end of the party.

 Trying to decide whether he liked it or not...

Our happy birthday boy!

Yep, he liked it!
It didn't take him too long to realize that cake can be super fun to wipe everywhere, especially the frosting! 
I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden he placed his chocolate covered hand on his forehead and started laughing.  He kept his hand there for several seconds leaving the most amazing chocolate hand print on his face.  He thought it was the funniest thing ever, as did we!

 Once he finished his piece of cake (or at least threw most of it on the ground) he started to rub his nose and face, which are his signs for needing a nap.  He was pretty cute covered from head to toe in chocolate.  If it weren't for the light breeze and us being outside, we would've had him in just a diaper, but we didn't want him to get cold.
Dallas was a sweetheart and got him stripped down, in the bath, and ready for his nap while I cleaned up the party.  He is such an incredible daddy and I absolutely love their sweet connection.
It was such a fun day with our friends!
We love you, sweetheart.
I can't believe a year has gone by already.
We've had so many fun adventures with you in just this first year and we can't wait for the ones to come.  We love you so very much and count ourselves the luckiest parents to have you in our lives.

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