Monday, May 13, 2013

Whirlwind Trip to Utah

Last month my little brother, Stuart got married.  With the business of Dallas' work schedule and the big changes we have coming up over the next few months, we had to make our trip shorter than we would have liked.  Since we were driving to Utah and back, we were only in the Utah valley for a couple days, with another couple days in the Ogden area.  I was sad that I didn't get the chance to catch up with so many of my friends, but we loved being able to spend quality time with both sides of our family.
Early Thursday morning we left our apartment fully knowing that, even though we've gone on several road trips with our little guy, he was older and loved to be mobile so our drive might not be as smooth.  Wow, were we right!  It turned out to be an insanely long day, with several stops along the way to let Daxton stretch out.  He refused to sleep until finally passing out at 7pm (two hours from our destination!)  He was quite the character wanting to play with toys, eat snacks, and read a lot of books.  He was still a sweetheart though, just a tiring one...
Relaxing with his shades on.

 After reaching our half-way point somewhere in Nevada.

 We took turns sitting in the back with Daxton.  Daddy made an amazing fort for them to play under (and shield them from the sun) while Mommy was driving.

Friday morning, I rushed to get Stuart's wedding video finished and burned for their reception the following day.  While I was out running errands, I got the chance to stop by and visit Tracy for a few minutes.  She works in south Provo (my old stomping ground) so it was fun to go down memory lane for a bit.  Our visit wasn't nearly long enough, but I was so glad she snuck out of work for a few to catch up.  I sure do love her!

That afternoon we met up with all the cousins for a fun few hours at the pool.  Daxton loves the water and loved all the attention from his auties, uncles, and cousins.  He's super excited for when he can actually walk and keep up with all of them!

His new swim outfit.  Funny how straight his hair got while in Utah.
Loving all the snuggles from Auntie Heather.
We sure know how to clear a pool!
With 10 kids and 6 adults, we totally took over that pool area!
Lincoln and Rulon jumping into the pool...
The little ones loved playing near the stairs where it wasn't as deep.
I would live in water if I could!
And even better than swimming; is swimming with my perfect little boy.  Loved it!

Heather and Olive opted to observe from the sidelines.

He got his curls back!
I couldn't decide which pictures to post since they were all so stinkin' cute!  I love that smiley face.

We were exhausted after a fun-filled first day.  Daddy even treated us to my favorite...Cafe Rio for dinner!


  1. So happy I was fit into your tight schedule! Always good to see you and for you, I would gladly sneak out of work ANYTIME! :) Love you lots!

  2. What are these changes coming up?! I'm dying to know! :)


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